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Len Michkinn 
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Digital Strategy

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

We offer a simple but proven process for delivering you not just a digital growth strategy, but timed and measurable task list to get to where you need to be. Let’s sit down soon and talk about where you’ve been, your perceived obstacles and where you want to do. Our motto is ‘anything is possible’, and part of our strategy is making sure you believe that too. We’ve helped clients overcome the most entrenched organisational issues, culture, technology and process and turned them into highly efficient digital players with a light weight and measurable management framework.


Customer Acquisition

Command & Control your Sales Funnel

Traditional sales funnels are dead. The modern consumer has complex habits which are harder to track, but offer more opportunity (if you can exploit it). That’s where our help comes in. We offer real-time cross-channel tracking. Before we start, we build a picture of your target audiences, roots to market and

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Digital Audits

Get the Confidence to Invest in Digital

Let’s understand what’s happening, discover your strengths, mitigate any potential issues and capitalise on your key opportunities. Our audits are simple and straightforward and can take in any aspect of your up or downstream digital activity. We can benchmark against sector performance and provide realistic assessment of people, skills, technology, and process. We can also audit your digital marketing and spot full range opportunities, wastage and guide decision making.



Start Making Highly Effective Decisions

The new complexity associated with digital marketing means effective tracking is the key to understanding what’s really going on across your digital marketing estate. Our reporting and attribution service simplify your MI giving you ultimate control over decision making. Everything in digital is automatically measurable, so unlocking opportunities to up-sell, invest or save budget should be easy, so we make sure you benefit from the unbuilt advantages of digital.



Build a Dream Team

Getting the right people on the right terms is usually the number one issue facing our clients. We can oversee they process usually at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment agencies.

Also, we take a special interest in developing existing teams and individuals within organisations make sure they are motivated and skilled up to succeed and give you their best.


Executive Advice Line

Instant Digital Advice on Tap

A special service requested by many of our clients. As senior executives, it can be tough for many of our clients to stay up to date with the ever-changing detail of digital and digital marketing. Yet everyday, you’re expected to manage and direct your team and organisation down the right path. We’re here to answer any question, offer a second opinion or get involved with something in an emergency. Just our dedicated number for instant help and advice.