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Intelligent Digital Marketing Focussed on ROI

Nickerson Co is the Yorkshire Based Consulting Agency of Paul Nickerson.

We work with Senior Leaders and Marketing Teams of Large and Medium Enterprise, eCommerce and Public Sector Organisations. We specialise in digital growth.

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About us

 Paul Nickerson

Paul Nickerson

A Yorkshire Based Consulting Agency

We’re hired by organisations that want to generate more online sales and leads, increase the performance of their website and advance their digital agenda.

We work with large and medium enterprise, e-commerce sites and the public sector to improve the performance of digital within organisations.

Our services start from as little as £599 for consultancy.

In 2017 95% of our clients actively recommended (not just said they would, but did) us to other businesses.


“Small Team, Big Impact”

Jonnie Bohannes

Barbour UK

Case Studies


Giacom World Networks


150% growth in PPC leads
40% drop in cost of acquisition

Snainton Golf


80% growth in SEO traffic
30% rise in online sales yoy

Ideal Boilers


A Traditional brand now disrupting its own market and gaining significant market share


Our Clients